Gabriella Marr

Owner Gabriella Marr Licensed Esthetician


I am Gabriella Marr, co-owner of White Elm Spa. I’ve been an esthetician for going on 10 years, am very passionate about what I do, and love spending time with my clients. I strive to create the most natural experience for clients, especially given our line of work! I enjoy performing all sorts of services. My two favourites are pedicures and body sugaring. Gotta say, I give a pretty wicked foot massage!

Outside of making people feel and look fantastic, you can find me outdoors especially if the weather is hot! I live in the country just outside the city on a farm lot. I love hanging out with my cats, vegetable gardening, and spending quality time with my amazing friends and family. I’m a sucker for a good TV show or playing video games once winter rolls around.