White Elm Spa Products

White Elm Spa Products

As Co-Owner of White Elm Spa, I get asked all the time, “Kayla, what made you start your own product line?”

The answer is simple, I love to create.

I started my career as an esthetician in 2013 because I loved to create beautiful and unique nail art. When my business partner and I opened White Elm Spa, I found great joy in creating a beautiful space for clients to relax. The next step in my creative journey was to create a line of products that people can love as much as I love making them.

How It Began

This creative journey began in December of 2020. I decided to try my hand at making bath bombs while we were closed during the COVID 19 Pandemic. They flew off the shelves!

I realized that there was a demand for local, handmade products in Winnipeg. I took a product formulation course and began formulating my own body butters, body scrubs, balms, soaps, and bath bombs that we use and sell in the Spa.

It makes me so happy to see our clients enjoying the products that I’ve made from scratch. It encourages me to continue expanding my product line to other areas!

All of my products are hand made in small batches. They come in either glass, metal, or paperboard containers. It is important to me that my packaging can either be re-used, re-purposed, or can easily be broken down by nature and the elements.

Reusable Means Relovable

This is why I have come up with our Reusable means Relovable return program. Once you are done with your glass or metal containers, simply bring it back to the spa and receive 15% off another White Elm Spa product! We will clean it, sterilize it, and use it again and again! Not only are you saving money, but you are saving a container from being thrown away as trash. And you are helping us save money to bring you new products and services! A win for everyone!

Thank you for supporting local and we hope to see you soon!

Kayla Nelson