All our pedicures include a warm foot soak, filing/shaping of the nails, and cuticle work. Enjoy a gentle exfoliation using our White Elm Sugar Scrub and a relaxing foot and leg massage using our new White Elm Natural Body Butter in a scent of your choice.

Basic Pedicure

1 hour | $73 CAD

Includes callous filing with the application of CND Vinylux polish.

White Elm Spa Pedicure

1 hour 15 minutes | $86 CAD

(Add $10 for shellac polish)

Designed with dry, tired feet in mind! Includes callous work and a moisturizing hot oil treatment. We finish off with your choice of CND Vinylux polish.

CND Shellac Pedicure

1 hour 15 minutes | $84 CAD

Great for people who need their polish to go that extra mile! Includes a gel polish application that when cured under a LED lamp hardens and instantly dries. Lasts longer than a regular pedicure! Please book a shellac removal if you currently have shellac on your nails before your appointment. (If your nails chip within the first week we will fix it for you for free. We do not guarantee fixing them after 7 days.)

Mini Pedicure

45 minutes | $62 CAD

Your choice between callous filing or nail polish application.

Polish Change

30 minutes | $27 CAD

Includes filing/shaping of the nails and application of CND Vinylux polish. Does not include cuticle work. (Not available with shellac add-on)

Nail Trim

15 minutes | $25 CAD

Cutting and shaping of the nails. Does not include nail polish or cuticle work.

Shellac Removal

30 minutes | $20 CAD

If your shellac was previously done from our spa, we will remove your polish for free! (15 minutes). If your shellac was done from a different spa, we charge a $20 removal fee (30 minutes).

Nail Art

Nail art prices ae based on the artist’s discretion and are subject to change.
All nail art must be booked before your appointment.

Advanced Nail Art

30 minutes | $27+ CAD

For more elaborate nail art. Example: Detailed flowers, custom art, nail art on more than one nail on each hand or foot.

Basic Nail Art

15 minutes | $16 CAD

For very basic nail art. Example: Dot daisy, a heart or stripes on one nail on each hand or foot.

Nail Art Stickers

15-30 minutes | $5 CAD

Polish needs to be semi-dry before applying the stickers. Stick-on decals. One on each hand or foot.

How To Prepare For Your Spa Experience

  • Wear pants that can easily be rolled up to the knee.
  • Bring a pair of flip flops that easily go between the toe and does not touch any of your toe nails to prevent polish from smudging.
  • Try to avoid shaving legs the same day to avoid irritation.
  • Please keep in mind drying time for polish once the service is complete (can be wet for up to 25 to 30 minutes).
  • Make sure you have called ahead and booked extra time if you have shellac to be removed, would like nail art, or if you would like French polish.