Kayla Nelson

Owner Kayla Nelson Licensed Esthetician


I’m Kayla Nelson and am co-owner of White Elm Spa! I have been practicing esthetics for going on 10 years and I specialize in nail art and body sugaring! Before getting into esthetics, I was in the faculty of education for 3 years to be an art teacher majoring in Art History. However I discovered that sitting behind a desk wasn’t for me! I got into esthetics because I love to create and I love the freedom of being able to express myself through art. Esthetics lets me do just that while making people feel beautiful and happy! During my time apprenticing, I discovered my love of body sugaring, a natural alternative to waxing! I mean, after all, who doesn’t love the feeling of smooth legs!

I am a lover of nature and animals which is why I choose to do my services with as many natural products as possible while trying to leave as little impact on the environment as I can! My pastimes include spending time outdoors at my family cottage in Nopeming Provincial Park, birdwatching, crocheting, gardening, and doting on my Manitoba Mutt, Boris! I have too many hobbies to count but more than anything, chilling on the couch with my husband and my dog is by far my favorite thing to do!